Gucci Garden

Gucci Garden

This garden is fun and exuberant like its owner, and reflects her historical culture of spending time together listening to great music with family and friends. Recently on the 2023 Tucson Botanical Gardens Ultimate Home and Garden tour, visitors walked in and said, “I want to live here!!”  

Tucson history is being made with great memories. Beautiful new night lighting enlivens the garden at night. Live local Mariachis play as food trucks pull up during larger parties and park along the street where guests can exit the garden out to the street walking on beautiful sinuous flagstone walkways, bordered with native rock for street-side durability.  

We expanded the opposite side of the garden to make more outdoor living space. The design opened up to an area that had never been utilized before. A new set of welcoming steps and pathway were designed to lead guests up past an existing spa to a new fire table and gathering area with lush artificial turf underneath a spectacular large Mesquite tree. The space is relaxing and yet breathtaking! More photos on their way very soon! 

Gucci Garden gets its name for the yellow and white striped canvas shade awnings flanking the swimming pool area. Yellow Lantana, Tangerine crossvine, Bougainvillea and more specimen succulents than you can count, create a lively and memorable garden for pollinators and people alike!

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