Desert Modern

Desert Modern

This all-new modern landscape renovation pulls visitors toward the new front entry courtyard with colored and poured in place pavers with stunning rock in between. Specimen succulents punch up the landscape and add visual interest, creating great focal points. A specially designed arc view fence allows sight of the magnificent front doors and garden leading up to it. Wildlife mesh keeps out unwanted desert snakes. Carefully hand-selected pots hold an eclectic and whimsical collection of plant material and soften the front entry. 

The backyard goal called for a modern pool, a grilling and dining area, and a kitchen garden. Unusually high existing walls were brought down to size using an interesting angled layout for planting beds and pool with lounging lagoon. The new design allowed for grade changes through the use of beautiful steps to differing areas of the garden. A commercial grade umbrella was mounted under the deck and  provides great shade without blocking the fabulous mountain view. 

The massing of plant material in key locations plays off the modern design, but not overly-repeated in the space. More great pots with fun plants abound here as well, allowing for tough succulents to brave the extreme weather in the sun and also for shade-loving Gardenia, Philodendron and Sago palm to enjoy being up in the shade under the porch. 

This is now a multi-award-winning project!

Temporary photos shown are by Shelly Ann Abbott. SOON TO COME: Photography by
Robin Stancliff, photographed for the Tucson Lifestyle Magazine will be available in the
near future on this site.

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