¡Viva Sonoran Desert!

¡Viva Sonoran Desert!

This Tucson Garden was created for the owners of a residence with a blank slate landscape, to have a strong connection with the beautiful and amazing Sonoran Desert. Using native surface select boulders and over ninety eight percent Southwest regional native plant material we created a wonderful invitation for wildlife such as hummingbirds and butterflies to visit this peaceful and lovely Sonoran Desert Garden. Native grasses help to hold rocky slopes from erosion and Saguaros abound in this garden creating a dialogue with the hundreds of saguaros that are present ubiquitously throughout the entirety of the property. 

An extended Moss Rock patio naturalistically edges an infinity edge pool that was designed using hand-placed boulders that plunge down to create a canyon-like water feature. The nearby plants may be seen mirrored back in the surface when the water is still.

Newly added this year (photos to follow shortly) were several walkways and interconnecting patios that brought together various important areas clustered around the residence and slope going down to a newly created wildlife pond which uses only condensate, grey water and RO water to keep it filled. Overflow goes on to water native trees, relocated from on site to this new location. A Moss Rock gathering area with a firepit large enough for family and friends to sit on the edges and group around and sing the blues under open stars on frosty nights have culminated in making !Viva Sonoran Desert!

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